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The Absurd Hypotheticals Question List is an easy way for you to browse all of the ridiculous questions we've asked. Just click on a question that interests you. Time stamps are in the episode descriptions.


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Which fast food mascot would win in a fight?

What if friction was double?

What if stores were only open on Black Friday?

What if every meal was Thanksgiving Dinner?

What if gravity had no effect on you?

What if animals were as smart as humans?

What if Earth was a cube?

What if the ground was made of trampolines?

What if you were a monster?

What if you could perfectly train spiders?

How would you improve baseball?

What if roller skates were permanently attached to your feet?

What if you could go back in time?

What if humans could fly?

What if salt and sugar swapped?

What if the was no wind?

Who would win in a superhero fight?

What if balloons never popped or deflated?

What if all building were made of Legos?

What if you could control the weather?

Describe your perfect super villain lair.

What if each day a random body part was swapped with an animal’s?

What if the ground was made of ice?

What if you could perfectly train ants?

How would you escape from Alcatraz?

What if everything was voice activated?

Which cereal mascot would win in a fight?

What if all plastic disappeared?

What if the ocean was carbonated?

What if no one could die?

What if you are what you eat?

What if the Earth was twice as big?

What if everyone stopped working for a week?

What if all glass turned to jello?

What if all plants were carnivorous?

What if everyone was a human Katamari ball?

What if you were 6 inches tall?

What if it rained food?

How would you steal the declaration of independence?

What if you could perfectly train bald eagles?

What if you had to buy everything you saw an advertisement for?

What if all animals were 2 feet large?

What if all sports balls were replaced with inflatable beach balls?

What if all paper disappeared?

What if the news stopped reporting?

What if the floor was lava?

What if you were always off by a factor of 10?

What if water flowed up instead of down?

What if you could perfectly train whales?

What if you grew 1" every month for the rest of your life?



What if all cars were bumper cars?

What if pigs could fly?

What if money grew on trees?

What if the 5-second rule applied to everything?

What if clouds actually had a silver lining?

What if life was like Mario?

What if you had 9 lives?

What if you could only shout?

What if you didn’t have knees or elbows?

What if all disagreements were resolved with rock paper scissors?

What if everything you touched turned to gold?

What if dinosaurs were still around?

What if the moon was made of cheese?

What if every time you sent a text or email, it would randomly change one word?

If you were in a horror movie with all of the classic tropes, how would you survive?

What if you had to end every conversation with an insult?

What if you always felt like you were being tickled?

What if nobody needed to sleep?

What if pigeons followed you everywhere?

What if emojis were the only form of communication?

What if you had a random superpower?

What if Subway sold a $5 foot long of anything you wanted?

What if your heart only beat to the rhythm of music?

What if there was actually a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow?

What if you were Gandalf and you had to get the ring to Mordor?

What if your hands were always unnaturally moist?

What if you swapped bodies with a squirrel?

What if you were mildly magnetic?