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Absurd Hypotheticals is a comedy podcast where co-hosts Chris Yee, Marcus Lehner, and Ben Storms answer ridiculous questions in funny ways. What if you had the ability to perfectly train whales? What if all paper disappeared? Tune in to find out. New episode every Monday.

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Episode 21: Flight and Time Travel

On this episode of Absurd Hypotheticals, Marcus Lehner, Chris Yee, and Ben Storms answer these very important questions: 

  • What if humans could fly?

  • What if you could go back in time?

Time Stamps 

  • [00:00:27] The History of Frozen Pizza

  • [00:04:50] Humans Can Fly: Chris’s Answer - Flying to Work

  • [00:13:21] Humans Can Fly: Ben's Answer - Drone Hunting Eagles

  • [00:24:08] Humans Can Fly: Marcus's Answer - Transatlantic Jetpack

  • [00:31:08] Music Break: Music by Frank Bell - Alexandra -

  • [00:34:13] Time Travel: Marcus's Answer - Could You Train a T-Rex?

  • [00:47:07] Time Travel: Ben's Answer - Hanging Out with Da Vinci

  • [00:57:25] Time Travel: Chris's Answer - Transformers Phobia

  • [01:05:45] Next Week's Questions

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