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Absurd Hypotheticals is a comedy podcast where co-hosts Chris Yee, Marcus Lehner, and Ben Storms answer ridiculous questions in funny ways. What if you had the ability to perfectly train whales? What if all paper disappeared? Tune in to find out. New episode every Monday.

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Episode 10: Lightning Round 1

On this episode of Absurd Hypotheticals, Marcus Lehner, Chris Yee, and Ben Storms answer lots of questions in their very first Lightning Round! 

Time Stamps 

  • [00:00:26] Long pockets

  • [00:06:22] What if you were mildly magnetic?

  • [00:10:41] What if you swapped bodies with a squirrel?

  • [00:15:0] What if your hands were always unnaturally moist?

  • [00:18:33] What if you were Gandalf and you had to get the ring to Mordor?

  • [00:21:41] What if there was actually a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow?

  • [00:24:00] What if your heart only beat to the rhythm of music?

  • [00:26:15] What if Subway sold a $5 foot long of anything you wanted?

  • [00:30:17] A word from our sponsors

  • [00:32:55] What if you had a random superpower?

  • [00:41:20] What if emojis were the only form of communication?

  • [00:45:01] What if pigeons followed you everywhere?

  • [00:49:27] What if nobody needed to sleep?

  • [00:53:10] What if you always felt like you were being tickled?

  • [00:55:41] What if you had to end every conversation with an insult?

  • [00:59:53] If you were in a horror movie with all of the classic tropes, how would you survive?

  • [01:04:31] Next week's questions