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Absurd Hypotheticals is a comedy podcast where co-hosts Chris Yee, Marcus Lehner, and Ben Storms answer ridiculous questions in funny ways. What if you had the ability to perfectly train whales? What if all paper disappeared? Tune in to find out. New episode every Monday.

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Episode 20: Lightning Round 2

On this episode of Absurd Hypotheticals, Marcus Lehner, Chris Yee, and Ben Storms answer lots of questions in their second Lightning Round!

Time Stamps 

  • [00:00:27] Clapping is Hard

  • [00:04:49] What if every time you sent a text or email, it would randomly change one word?

  • [00:08:49] What if the moon was made of cheese?

  • [00:11:42] What if dinosaurs were still around?

  • [00:15:20] What if everything you touched turned to gold?

  • [00:18:26] What if all disagreements were resolved with rock paper scissors?

  • [00:25:21] What if you didn’t have knees or elbows?

  • [00:30:00] What if you could only shout?

  • [00:32:24] This Week’s Sponsors

  • [00:33:51] What if you had 9 lives?

  • [00:39:15] What if life was like Mario?

  • [00:44:05] What if clouds actually had a silver lining?

  • [00:46:47] What if the 5-second rule applied to everything?

  • [00:49:46] What if money grew on trees?

  • [00:53:55] What if pigs could fly?

  • [00:55:16] What if all cars were bumper cars?

  • [01:00:11] Next Week's Questions