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Absurd Hypotheticals is a comedy podcast where co-hosts Chris Yee, Marcus Lehner, and Ben Storms answer ridiculous questions in funny ways. What if you had the ability to perfectly train whales? What if all paper disappeared? Tune in to find out. New episode every Monday.

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Episode 30: Lightning Round 3

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On this episode of Absurd Hypotheticals, Marcus Lehner, Chris Yee, and Ben Storms answer lots of questions in their third Lightning Round!

Time Stamps 

  • [00:00:26] Bathroom Mishap

  • [00:05:55] What if your life had music and sound effects?

  • [00:09:04] What if robots took everyone’s job?

  • [00:11:37] What if everything floated in water?

  • [00:14:21] What if you couldn’t be on the same continent as your significant other?

  • [00:17:13] What if everything was black and white?

  • [00:20:23] What if you had your own gravitational orbit?

  • [00:22:08] What if you were Edward Safety Scissorhands?

  • [00:27:17] Music Break: Music by Hamster - Magic -

  • [00:32:04] What if everything was motion controlled?

  • [00:36:27] What if you couldn’t talk about the literal elephant in the room?

  • [00:38:43] What if no one had depth perception?

  • [00:41:09] What if you no longer existed if people stopped looking at you?

  • [00:45:16] What if every room was an escape room?

  • [00:48:45] What if we all had tails?

  • [00:52:57] How would you make an inconvenience store?

  • [00:59:04] Outro

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