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Book Simulator: The Reader's Guide to Not Reading

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BOOK SIMULATOR: The Reader’s Guide to Not Reading - By Chris Yee (FREE)

The Reader’s Guide to Not Reading

Learn how to convince your friends that you’re an avid reader without reading a single word. Utilize techniques like page turning, eye movement, and note taking. Book Simulator includes interactive exercises that allow you to practice. Impress your friends and master the art of book simulation.

Looking for humor, comedy, laughs, jokes, and all other forms of funny? Book Simulator is a humorous take on the conventions of a traditional book. While it pokes fun at various aspects of reading, it also celebrates the spirit of storytelling and encourages the exploration of future stories to come.

For extensive coaching in the very serious field of pretend reading, download Book Simulator today.


"Stop reading this review right now and don't come back until you've purchased, downloaded, and devoured every line of Book Simulator." -Immerse or Die, written by Bryce Anderson

"Chris Yee has a natural aptitude for comedy.....engaging, delightfully charming, and surprising to the very end.....I read Book Simulator from start to finish and had the best laugh I'd had in a long time." -Readers' Favorite, written by Beth Katherine