Nerd Chomp


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Your years as a mad scientist have finally come to fruition… Behold! The mutation ray! But what’s this? You’re not the only one to have brought one. A melee has broken out and you must prove that your mutation ray is best by being the last one standing!

D.N.Abled is a dexterity-based game where players are mad scientists blasting each other with their genetic mutation rays! Players just need to be able to pass cards to stay in the game, but it’s made harder by wacky mutations like T-Rex Arms, or Crab Claws, or Flamingo legs! Your mutations are cumulative, so each round is harder and harder!

The game is a great fit for families (especially kids in the 8-12 range) and at parties.

D.N.Abled has recently won “Best Game in Progress” and “Runner-up for Audience Choice” at the Boston Festival of Indie Games 2018. It was showcased at Kids Conn New England 2018 as well. I have been working on and actively playtesting D.N.Abled for over two years.

I am seeking a publisher to produce D.N.Abled. It currently does not have finished art. More information available on the sell sheet below!